The Growing Trend of Pakistan’s Celebs turning to Fashion Business

Aamir Liaquat has recently launched his lawn brand with the name Aanchal; being the 2nd religious figure (after Junaid Jamshed) to introduce women’s clothing brand. Though it is not very surprising to see people from all walks of life – specially the public figures from various backgrounds – coming up with their own clothing brand, the public response (of ladies in specific) to this news of Aamir Liaquat jumping into the apparel business was rather surprising. Some of the ladies I shared the news with reacted in the following ways:

  • “What?… No way!!”
  • “OMG…I Can’t stop laughing”
  • “Will never buy it”
  • “I’d rather die than buy his lawn.”

It’s hard to figure out any specific reason behind such negative reaction of the target market. How well the brand carrying Aamir Liaquat’s name would work is yet to be determined.

In Pakistan there has been a growing trend among celebrities stepping into the field of clothing introducing their own brands and boutiques. Not to mention, even our fashion designers who initially would only stick to designing considerably expensive outfits – mostly consisting of bridal, formal and extremely trendy wear – have, for last few years, started to sell their own lawns.

Nowadays, the fashion trends are changing at a pace like never before and the situation is quite healthy for anyone willing to plunge into this business. That is one of the major reasons why we see new additions in the world of clothing with every passing year – the most considerable addition being in the area of lawn brands. Every year there are new designers and celebs launching their own version of women clothing, which is good for the potential customers who can satisfy their needs by giving a reason to the manufacturers to make money; and good for the brand owners as well who know how to exploit market trends and the psyche of their target market well.

The reason behind this boom is quite obvious. It is basically the craze among the fashionistas to get hold of the latest trendy material in town and make it a part of their wardrobe. No wonder we see this market segment utterly waiting for the launch of their favorite brands and to be the first to have access to the newest available material. The other day I was at a famous fabric shop that sells all the newest brands. A salesman standing there was getting calls from various potential customers asking about the arrival of the stock of various latest brands. It was quite astonishing to notice that level of craze among the fashionistas.

Interestingly enough, when it comes to celebrities and public figures, it is mostly the men who are jumping into the fashion business. Shahid Afridi, Aijaz Aslam, Junaid Jamshed, Ali Haider and even Fawad Khan have all been part of the race. Some of the celebs even start these kinds of ventures apparently when their popularity starts to decline (of course that in no way includes Fawad Khan, who is an exception here). The popularity they all had enjoyed in their respective fields not only helps give boost to their clothing businesses but also allows them to maintain their level of popularity among their admirers.

In the world of marketing, big names always sell. It is not a new concept at all. That is one reason why many products – specially the consumer items – are quite often been endorsed by famous public figures as part of advertising and promotional strategies.

They say every rise has a fall. This boom might also bust someday though it does not seem to be happening anytime soon. As long as the trend-setters can succeed in keeping their target market happy by creating demand and then exploiting it well, this wave shall keep taking its course towards the boom. Thus, we might see even more celebs offering their lines of clothing to the fashion savvies out there. The scenario shall remain a win-win thing for the stakeholders until the products offered remain within the reach of a bigger market segment, not just something for the elites only.

PS: A somewhat different version of this blog appeared here: 

Aamir Liaquat introduces his own brand of lawn: “OMG! I can’t stop laughing!”


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