Gaza Carnage & the Deafening silence of the (Muslim) World

No one would have thought this year Ramadan could be one of the deadliest ones of the current era but the world witnessed a horrifying barbaric violence in Gaza during this peace-promoting month of Islamic Calendar, where the scores of the dead only kept rising with every passing day. People across the world shouted against Israel’s atrocities on the innocent civilians of Gaza but no voice could make a difference. The only thing we the individuals of the globe could do was to abhor and condemn as much as we could using the power of social media, rallies and protests. But alas, it could have no impact on the cruel intentions of the evil powers.

The news/pictures been reported on the Gaza massacre should have been enough to shake the world but what we saw was absolute silence of those who could actually help make the difference; be it any country surrounding Israel or even the Muslim countries that make up the Muslim World, the “Muslim Ummah”! Even today’s most aggressive jihadist group ISIS – giving a self-proclaimed Caliph to the Muslim Ummah – did not bother to realize the plight of the Gazans which was the direct result of the assault of those who could quite possibly be labeled as “Kafir” (non-believers) – if that really is the criteria to wage a war against someone (as they do to validate the current Shia genocide in action).

The leaders of the Muslim World could do absolutely nothing to make the Ummah feel one and to make the Palestinians feel part of the glorious Muslim Ummah and they restricted themselves to mere statements of condemnation going to the extent of passing resolutions only; having no practical influence whatsoever on Israel’s barbaric Operation Protective Edge. Similarly, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) was only brave enough to admit its helplessness and failure in having an impact and forcing Israel to end the Gaza carnage.

Bolivia showed more courage and declared Israel a terrorist state – something which was expected of the Muslim world as well. Besides, the world powers – the supposed human rights champions – did only what the OIC Secretary-General Iyad Ameen Abdullah Madani has to say about them:

“Unfortunately the preachers of human rights are not only supporting Israel but are also providing political shield to it”.

The shameful support of Israel by the West and USA only reveals their real world-wide interests and hypocrisy towards the Muslim world in particular.  The ineffectiveness of UNO became quite obvious in this whole scenario when Israel kept bombing UN schools in Gaza but the very organization only found itself absolutely helpless before Israel. It could not do anything to protect its own schools (or at least retaliate aggressively). In such situation, how could the Gazans expect the UNO to intervene for saving their lives then? No action from UN only makes the world realize its effectiveness. So we clearly know now who the real master is!

To make things worse – Deputy Religious Affairs Minister of Israel Eli Ben-Dahan has justified the ethnic cleansing of the people of Gaza with his following words: “Palestinians are not human beings, they don’t deserve to live and they are nothing but animals.” And if one thinks there couldn’t be a worse statement than this one then here is yet another one which came from a female Israeli parliament member Ayelet Shaked saying Mothers of all Palestinians must be killed. And yes you read it right; she is a female herself who used such words for the mothers of Palestine.

In the midst of the hypocrisy of the West, came the resignation of British Minister Sayeeda Warsi in support of Gaza and against the double standards of British government; another incident which clarified where the world powers stand when it comes to protection of unarmed civilians of Gaza. The military and financial support by the friends of Israel is not a hidden story anymore. As Sayeeda Warsi categorically mentions:

“It appalls me that the British government continues to allow the sale of weapons to a country, Israel, that has killed almost 2,000 people, including hundreds of kids, in the past four weeks alone. The arms exports to Israel must stop.”

It is very unfortunate that the Gaza massacre which continued for a month, and still has no signs of permanent ceasefire, could not wake up the Muslim World. It could not unite them to show solidarity and take effective measures to help save lives of fellow Muslims in Gaza. The so-called Islamic-nations’ body OIC remained ineffective as ever. And the Arabs remained busy with their grand iftars while the Gazans kept sacrificing their lives and the lives of their innocent children not only during Ramadan, but on Eid-ul-Fitr and even after that.

Humanity shall mourn the killing of the civilians and deaths of hundreds of children; and the pain of those who were forced to leave their homes only to find the nearest border been blocked keeping them from finding shelter in the neighboring areas leaving them with no proper shelter, food, medical facilities, or even electricity and communication channel at all. Humanity shall also mourn the deafening silence of the Arab rulers and the support of the world powers to Israel.

History shall record each and every questionable action of the world which will only bring shame to the humanity for the way the world silently kept witnessing the Muslim genocide in the hands of the brutal apartheid state that first occupied the land of the Palestinians and then deprived them of their right to breathe in their own land. The so-called “chosen people” whom we all know as Zinoists shall have to pay for the brutal show of power we all have witnessed in form of this Gaza massacre. Till then, Palestinians await another Salah-ud-Ayyubi to come to their rescue and teach a lesson to the terrorist state, Israel for the ethnic cleansing of the oppressed Palestinians.

PS: A slightly different version of this article appeared here:


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