A Mournful Eid…

#GazaUnderAttack #GazaUnderFire 

#PrayForGaza #SupportGaza 


These are only few of the hashtags we have been coming across over the social media almost during the entire Ramadan. No one would have thought this Ramadan could be one of the deadliest ones of the current era. But as we moved towards the end of this peace-promoting month, the scores of the dead only kept rising with every passing day. People across the world shouted against Israel’s atrocities on the innocent civilians of Gaza but no voice could make a difference. The only thing we as individuals of the globe could do was to abhor and condemn as much as we could using the power of social media (and electronic media to a certain extent). But Alas, it has no influence whatsoever when it comes to having an impact on the cruel intentions of the evil powers.

The news, pictures, reports coming every hour updating on the Gaza massacre should be more than enough to shake the world but what we saw was absolute silence from those who could actually help make the difference; be it any country surrounding Israel or even the Muslim countries that make up the so-called “Muslim World”, the “Muslim Ummah”!

The horrifying Gaza massacre cannot let any sensitive Muslim celebrate this Eid with full zeal and fervor. Though the so-called leaders and rulers of the Muslim Ummah do absolutely nothing to make the Ummah feel one and to make the Palestinians feel part of the glorified Muslim Ummah, but we the individuals of this Ummah do feel the pain of our brothers and sisters in Gaza. We support them morally, protest and raise our voices in the hope of making a difference. And actually what we experience is exactly what the following Hadith says:

The example of the believers (Muslims) is like the body, if part of it hurts the rest of it is summoned”

So this Eid as I feel the pain of the people of Gaza, I shall mourn:

  • I shall mourn the killing of the civilians.
  • I shall mourn the deaths of hundreds of babies.
  • I shall mourn the tears of mothers who lost their children.
  • I shall mourn the pain of those who were forced to leave their homes only to find the nearest border been blocked keeping them from finding shelter in the neighboring country.
  • I shall mourn the silence of the Arab rulers.
  • I shall mourn the silence and hidden support of the world powers.
  • I shall mourn the cries of the deads’ loved ones.
  • I shall mourn the fact that there are people out there who still consider Israel’s atrocities as their right to self-defense
  • I shall mourn the attacks on the hospitals where the injured were being treated.
  • I shall mourn over this statement coming from The Deputy Religious Affairs Minister of Israel Eli Ben-Dahan which says “Palestinians are not human beings, they don’t deserve to live and they are nothing but animals.”
  • I shall mourn yet another statement of a female Israeli politician saying “Mothers of all Palestinians must be killed” (How could a woman pass such a statement)
  • And I shall also mourn the death of the that Kashmiri teenager – a ninth grade student – who turned out to be the 1st to give his life (shot by the police) during the global pro-Gaza protests which only gives a clear message to the world that only an oppressed nation can understand and feel the pain of another brutally oppressed nation.

When the entire Muslim world was busy fasting, the Gazans were giving lives dozens after dozens. And as we approach towards the Eid festival, I really find it hard to be all cheerful and feel the true essence of this Eid-ul-Fitr and I am sure by saying this, I am eventually voicing the sentiments of any other sane human being.  I pray to the heavens for an immediate permanent ceasefire so that the lives of the rest of the Gazans may be saved. May we witness a free Palestine soon – Amen!


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